Saving you TIME and MONEY.

We all have to eat right?

Our website here in BC is designed to help make your life easier! Do you wake up each morning and wonder “What should I make for dinner?” (and then proceed to think about it all day…)  Do you get bored with the same old meals week in and week out?

Whether you are single, a parent feeding your family, a university student on a tight budget or retired on a fixed income, this website will  plan out your meals for you.

So what makes our site different from other meal plan sites out there? We customize a meal plan each week according to the savings in your local grocery store flyer here in British Columbia.  Saving you time, energy and of course, money. No more daily trips to the grocery store!

Plus, each week we will have the Good Eats “CAN’T MISS” Deal of the Week for each flyer.

As a Good Eats member, you will have access to meal plans from popular grocery store flyers each and every week through the Meal Plan Member page. Within each meal plan you will have a link to a delicious recipe for you to try too! We do all the legwork for you and it will only cost you about the same price as your “grande frappe latte” specialty coffee for an entire month of plans! Crazy good right?

We can all use a little help making life easier and now, “Good Eats” is here for you!

CAN’T MISS deal for this week

Country Grocer~ Peaches and cream corn 10 for $5, (Nanaimo/Vic), Fancy Leaf (red or green) lettuce $0.97 (SSI)

Real Canadian Superstore~ lean ground beef $2.98/lb

Save on Foods ~ 3lb bag of mandarins $4.99

Thrifty Foods~  30% off all organic bulk foods

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The format has 5 meals that require some prep and assembly followed by 4 Grab and Go meals with little to no prep at all.  I do not assign a specific night to your meals as everyone’s work week schedule is different, along with your weeknight commitments. If you eat gluten free or dairy free or more health conscious,  you will be able to alter your meal accordingly as you already cook for yourself this way. (This is part of why we don’t offer recipes for every meal)

In addition to the plans, each week we will include a link to a new recipe (or two) for you to try!

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