Being Real

Trust me, I get it. Some nights are crazy with kids sports, working late or hey, you’re just too tired to cook. AH such is life!  I find though having a meal plan in place during those times is when it helps the MOST! If this helpful meal planning website stops you from driving through the drive thru (saving your wallet and waistline!) then it’s worth it! Our meal plans are designed with everyone in mind (except those with strict meal restrictions ~ vegans need not apply). I create meal plans for all to enjoy. Plus, most meal options can be tweaked for gluten free & dairy free eaters out there.

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Our Goal

Our passion here at Good Eats is to help you. We streamline meal planning for you so you can save time, money and energy and that is the key to why we do what we do.  Our hope is that you eat better and save your money, all while trying to live your busy life. Our website is relevant to EVERYONE. Whether you are a parent feeding your family, a single person, a university student on a tight budget, retired on a fixed income, working full time etc etc. this site will be beneficial for you!


My name is Brenda and, as many of us do, I wear many hats in life. I am a wife to a wonderful man, a busy mom of three beautiful children and a lover of being organized and finding ways to make life easier. I’ve always had a passion to help others. I decided to create this meal planning site for all of us busy people out there doing our best to get great meals on the table each and every night. My hope is you find this site helpful, easy to use and that it will save you time, money, energy and possibly help you eat healthier along the way.  Check out the meal plan idea below for a sneak peek of what we offer!

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Happy Eating!